Specialist technical consultancy services
for all aspects of embedded software

MathEmbedded's Security Services help you create world-leading, secure products,
protect your valuable brand and reduce your risk of expensive and embarrasing security breaches

Secure Software Development Lifecycle

MathEmbedded can help you to integrate security best practice into all stages of your development lifecycle, with:

  • Measurable, testable security requirements
  • Secure software architecture
  • System threat modelling
  • Security assessment reviews
  • Security implementation service
  • Security hardening
  • Release management
We can provide process documentation, guided workshops, training and bespoke implementation to help you make the shift to a secure development lifecycle.


MathEmbedded Security Training Courses range from short, embedded security primers to intensive, technical, hands-on security implementation workshops.

IoT Cybersecurity Assessment

A thorough assessment of your connected, embedded system with an evaluation of the severity of the threats and recommendations for putting things right.

Threat Modelling

A threat model highlights potential weaknesses in your system and identifies where and which security remedies should be applied.

Our threat models for embedded systems go beyond the application itself and consider the operating environment and the different operating states of your product.

Security Risk Assessment

Everything can be hacked if someone is determined enough, so how much protection is it sensible to build in?

A risk assessment helps you focus on the most important measures identified by threat modelling. By evaluating the severity of the risks and the cost of mitigating them, you can prioritise the work to be done.

Security Implementation and Review

MathEmbedded can act as an independent security assessor in your security review or we can design and implement specialist security measures for you.
We can help implement or review:

  • Secure boot operation
  • Device provisioning
  • Use of sandboxes and virtualisation
  • Correct use of cryptography
  • Secure coding practices
  • Current vulnerabilities in 3rd party software
  • Network configuration and firewalls
  • Software update mechanisms
  • Operating system hardening

Vulnerability Tracking

After your product is released, we can track vulnerability announcements for the 3rd party software in your device (operating system, protocol stacks, cryptography libraries, etc), alert you to the risks and advise on the critical security updates to apply.