About Us

Mathembedded is an independant privately owned company.
We specialise in embedded software consultancy, development and training.

Our focus

Our technical focus is on embedded systems (including complex OS environments such as Linux, Android, QNX, etc. as well as firmware/bare-metal), particularly embedded systems security and training.

Our people

We employ experienced low-level software engineers who are experts at specifying, analysing, designing, architecting, reviewing and writing firmware, bootloader, operating system, driver and application level code and who also have a deep understanding of software security. We often work at the hardware/software boundary and know how to interface with silicon-level features such as security and video and audio offload engines.

We employ experienced software security consultants who are experts at end-to-end security specification, design, architecture and review of complex systems.

Finally, we have a number of consultants who help companies understand and introduce security into their organisations and development processes and projects by providing training and bespoke consultancy services.

Our services

We support our clients in a number of ways:

We can work either independently or in co-operation with your existing teams to build up their skills and experience.

Our customers

We work with companies of all sizes and stages from new start-ups to well-known, mature global brands.

MathEmbedded's extensive expertise in embeddded systems has helped customers worldwide to achieve quicker time-to-market of more secure products, gaining them a solid competitive advantage.

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