Our Areas of Expertise

MathEmbedded have many years of experience securing embedded systems for a wide range of companies and in a number of market areas.

We can work with you and your security engineers during all phases of the embedded security lifecycle.


  • Provide advice and consultancy on all aspects of software security including threat modelling, security architecture and system design
  • Implement specialist security software and firmware
  • Provide security assurance for your system and software (security auditing)
  • Bring your development team and management up to speed in security awareness, knowledge and skills

We specialise in network connected embedded systems running complex software environments including Linux, Android and QNX but are also very familiar with low-level "bare metal" software and RTOS environments.


Our Market Areas

We operate in the consumer electronics, internet of things / internet of everything, automotive, critical infrastructure and industrial vertical sectors.


Our Services

MathEmbedded provide a number of services required for the implementation of a Secure Software Development Lifecycle:



Specialist embedded security training courses

Software Source Code Security Review Service