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Device Security Assurance

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We can help you to build more secure connected device products at the design, development and testing stages

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Security Training

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We can train your developers, project and program managers and can even brief the Board on the need for security

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Security for your company

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We can help you to introduce security into your company and product development processes

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Software Consultancy

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We can help you architect, design and implement complex software and systems running on a wide variety of platforms

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We secure embedded systems

Securing an embedded system is not the same as securing an IT system


We have many years of real-world experience in helping companies to design, develop and evaluate connected products

We specialise in end-to-end security and in complex software development

We work with a wide range of companies from global multinationals to first-time technical start-ups

Our aim is to help you understand your risks and get a secure product to market as quickly as possible


Having secure products can not only protect you, but can also help you to reach new markets and grow your business.



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Experienced software engineers to help solve your complex problems.

What is the problem?

Software in modern consumer electronics products is very complex, with many components that may not function as expected when connected together.

Low-cost software expertise is great for getting a product up and running, but what happens if you have tight deadlines or a difficult problem that needs fixing?


How we can help?

MathEmbedded employs software engineers with many years of experience of solving complex problems all the way from low-level bootloader code to web-browsers. 

If your project is in danger of delays or you need complex features implemented quickly and efficiently, then please Contact Us for more information.


Our Bespoke Services

 MathEmbedded provide specialist bespoke services that can help:

Specialist technical consultancy services